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I will help you to learn Spanish by providing tools, materials and a friendly environment. 

If you are motivated  to take the first step, I´m ready to teach you at your pace.

The courses are for people of all ages, nationalities and walks of life,

and you don´t need to know any Spanish: attitude is everything. 

I´ll be with you all the way, suporting and encouraging your learning.

 You can trust me and rely on me to help you.

Classes: Clases

One-to-one lessons

Just for you!

Personal lessons adapted to your goals and needs, as well as to your own learning style. Tell me what you´d like to focus on: pronunciation, reading, extra grammar, or just conversation. Also specific topics like going to the doctor, booking in a hotel, going to the shops, etc.

Price: 25 euros / 50 min.


Two-to-one lessons

Bring a friend along!

Two students make a great class.  Come with a friend or join another Lenguahome student who has the same level of Spanish as you, and have the best of the two worlds: a personalised class, and interaction with your classmate.

Price: 18 euros / student / 50 min.

AVANZADAS 1_edited.jpg

Small group classes 

(3 or 4 students)

Our group lessons encourage interaction with other learners. This creates excellent practice and rehearsal opportunities.  

Price (3 students class): 15 euros/student/50 minutes class

Price (4 students class): 13 euros/student/50 minutes class

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